Round scraper

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  • Ronde schraper 1G/2G

    Round scraper 1G/2G

    Round scraper suitable for Versapers 1G and 2G models. 

    Suitable for all 1G/2G models Yellow (previously white) Inclding silicone brushes
  • Ronde schraper 3G

    Round Scraper 3G

    Round scraper suitable for the Versapers 3G. Take notice, this round s...

    Only suitable for the Versapers 3G models Grey Including silicone brushes
  • Round scraper 4G

    Round Scraper 4G

    Round scraper suitable only for Versapers 4G. Take notice, this round ...

    Only suitable for the Versapers 4G models Black Including silicone brushes

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