The Versapers uses a new patented vertical press system and a silicone seal. This allows for a maximum amount of pulp-free juice. The cold press method helps to keep vital nutrients alive. The squeezing screw revolves with only  80 RPM. This ensures minimal friction and no excess heat. The amount of oxygen mixing with the juice during the pressing is very small so  the juice can be well kept in the fridge for up to 48 hours.

Why the Versapers Slow Juicer?

1. Two-stage press - juice is squeezed. Vegetables or fruits go first through a crush process and are fully squeezed out after that lower in the press before the pulp leaves the device. This results in more juice and a drier pulp.

2. Higher yield - tests have shown that the Versa Slow Juicer, on the whole, achieves a 50% higher yield compared to a centrifugal juicer.

3. Economic - Get more juice from less fruit. From many fruits and vegetables the shells can also be used to make juice.

4. Better Juice - The gentle pressing method preserves more flavor, vitamins and enzymes in the juice. This is better for your health and much tastier too.

5. Self-cleaning - Rinse some water through the machine to clean it quickly. So you can immediately go on with a different kind of fruit or vegetable juice and save you time!

6. Silent - The Versapers is very quiet and pleasant to work with even if you are in a conversation.

7. Small in size - While the performance is great, the Versapers takes up little space. Much less than other juicers.

8. Two hands - Most fruits and vegetables simply fall into the filler and as you do not always need to push them in, you keep your hands free to do other things.


What to expect from the Versapers Slow Juicer?

  • Continuous usage without clogging
  • A silent motor 
  • Healthy living juices full of nutrition and enzymes
  • A whole new experience in making juice! 
    Juice making has never been so much fun! 
  • Easy to clean  accessories
  • You can continuously make juice because the pulp leaves the device at the front.
  • You taste the difference in these healthy living juices!