Pasteurization destroys all living enzymes in the juice.

The disadvantage of heating is, the good qualities of the juice also get lost. About half of all the vitamins present is destroyed by the heating that is required for pasteurization. The enzymes in foods are even more sensitive and die at temperatures as low as 50 degrees Celsius. This means that you reduce the nutritional value of a liter of juice to 25-30% of what it contained originally. The long-standing on the shelves in the supermarket makes it worse. It is ‘dead’ juice.

Another disadvantage of juices from a box is that they are sometimes made of concentrated juice. Concentrated juice is made out of fresh juice boiled down till about 85% of the moisture has evaporated . This is cheaper and easier to ship from Brazil or southern Spain. With more than half of the original moisture being removed, you may guess how many of the vitamins and enzymes remain in your orange juice from a box. Not very nutritious for a good health so drink fresh living juice, slow juice!

Even the ‘freshly squeezed’ juices in the refrigerated section of the supermarket are slightly pasteurized drinks.

Do you think juices out of a box are delicious ? Tasty it is, but will you feel fitter and better after drinking a glass of juice? Drink juice that is alive, so you are getting live enzymes.