For example take two carrots, put one in the refrigerator for a month and then plant it in your garden. It will probably still grow fine. Cook the other carrot for one minute and then plant it. After a day or two it will start to smell and never ever anything grows out of it. Living food is food which still has life in it. Life gives life. You are what you eat is a truism. After eating live foods you will feel fit and have no burning or bloating feeling in your stomach.

Well, it is not our task to convert you into a Raw Food Fanatic. We like to help you to remain healthy, feel better and fitter in an easy way. Drinking daily two glasses of fresh juice from a Versapers is easier than eating a whole cucumber, 2 apples and a lettuce. Live juice contributes enormously to improve your overall health.

Living food or ‘RAW FOOD’ has emerged and will be in the near future more and more of a 'hot' item. So much has been written about it in the past 50 years that it simply can not be out of the media. Of course our goal is to contribute to this. If you like to know more about ‘RAW FOOD’ in the section LINKS you can find more useful sites and references. Before you think that I am going too fast, try to start drinking slow juice regularly and you will soon feel much fitter without having to change your daily pattern too much. That's cool, right?