Versapers Vocktail Hulk CappuccinoTreat for musclemen and women


Green food makes you strong: just look at Popeye and the Hulk. You will be amazed by the mild, fresh taste of this green miracle juice with a collar of foam. It contains a staggering amount of vitamins and antioxidants.



100 gr chopped kale or a large leaf of kale

2 juicy apples (Elstar)

¼ piece of fennel

lemon slice, peeled


Slowjuice preparation:

Cut the kale into pieces of 2-3 inches, also the veins can go into the slowjuicer. Cut the apples into thick slices of 1 centimeter and again crosswise around the core. Remove the seeds. Cut the fennel transverse to the thread into pieces of 2-3 inches. Add the kale, lemon and apple over and over in the slowjuicer. Put in a piece of apple last.


Includes among others:

• Vitamin C • Vitamin E • Iodine • Vitamin K • Folic acid • Calcium