Versapers Vocktail Livestrong MelonNatural EPO for athletes



1/2 water melon or Galia melon

1/3 lemon

1 lemongrass stalk

sprig of parsley or mint (to garnish)


Slowjuice preparation:

Cut the melon into two halves. Put the melon with the flat side on the cutting board. By using the cutting board you fixate your melon. Cut off the peel with a large and sharp kitchen knife as thin as possible. Cut the melon into equal rectangles that easily fit the opening of your slowjuicer. Peel the lemon with a small knife or a peeler. The white of the lemon you do not have to cut away.

Cut the stalk into short lengths of up to 1 inch because of the hard fibers.

Switch your slowjuicer on and insert the melon, lemon and lemon stem. Exchange soft melon with the heavier parts of the lemonstem and lemon.


Garnishing with a sprig of parsley or a mintleave makes this appetizer complete.


Includes among others:

• Kalium • Magnesium • Calcium • Vitamin B11 • Vitamin C