Versapers Vocktail Pink ParadiseColorful drink for weight watchers


Beer quenches your thirst, but it is not so good for your weight. This is the healthy alternative for sunny afternoons, when you consume unnoticed many antioxidants. This slimming miracle juice has to offer many good features.



1 apple

1 stalk of celery

slice of ginger root

2 leaves of fresh mint

handful of cranberries

handful of raspberries or strawberries


Slowjuice preparation: 

Cut the apple into thick slices of 1 centimeter and again crosswise around the core and remove the seeds. Cut the celery into pieces of 2-3 cm lateral to its structure. Put the sliced ginger, mint and red fruits, celery and apple over and over in the slowjuicer. Pour into a festive glass.


Includes among others:

• Vitamin C • Vitamin B • Magnesium •Kalium • Phosphorus • Folic acid