Versapers Vocktail Pretty ProzacFun Juice for the stressfull



1 carrot

1 apple

1/2 fennel

1 stalk of lemon grass


Slowjuice preparation:

Cut the carrot lengthwise and then cut it into thick pieces, chips size.

Cut the apple into 1 cm slices, also through the core. Remove the seeds.

Fennel is a hard vegetable with a fibrous structure. Cut it transverse to the fiber structure into pieces (2-3 cm).

Cut the lemon grass stalks because of the hard fibers into short pieces of max. 1 cm.

Exchange the ingredients during the filling and begin and end the slowjuicing with apple pieces.



Winter Carrot is a traditional Dutch cold soil vegetable. Sown in April/May and harvested in October/November. Once fully grown and being pulled out of the ground the carrot can be used during one year. A real stayer for winter living, a good vitamin C and beta-carotene supplier in your slow juices and salads!