Rene Pluijm Vocktail recepten

Vocktails are delicious vitamin cocktails from freshly squeezed fruits and vegetables.

With the Versapers slowjuicer we squeezed on the island of Curaçao delicious extracts from fruits, herbs and vegetables, which we processed into some colorful refreshing drinks.


Recipes for three Vocktails. And check out the video here


Hangover shot

It happens on such an island as Curaçao sometimes that you wake up after a fun night with a headache. Then this helps.


100 gr. grapes

1 green apple

1 slice of lemon(peeled)

1 carrot - detoxification

½  Beetroot - purifies blood

1 cm fresh ginger root - against nausea

1 teaspoon Olive oil Extra Vierge


Peel carrot, ginger and lemon slightly and cut into pieces which fit into the juicer. Ice cubes or crushed ice with it, done!


Energy Booster

If the party is about to start again, this Vocktail which may not look so attractive on paper, is in reality top notch and bursting with iron, calcium, zinc, magnesium, potassium, vitamin and pectin! Well, I sound like a chemist, but believe me, it works!


100 gr. spinach

a few leaves of lettuce

1 apple

¼ cucumber


Wash everything thoroughly, cut into pieces and rotate.

Few lumps of ice in a glass and pour it: yessssss!


Curacao in a glass

Eventually we improvised a Vocktail together in honor of this wonderful island. A translation of what you may taste and experience here.

Sun - good for the skin

Sea - salt

Refreshing - joy

Cool - cucumber

Relax - fennel

Sexy - sweet & spicy

Spicy - mint, basil


- 1/8  (or half a baby carrot)   big carrot

- 1 Mango

- ¼ green apple

- 1 leaf of fennel

- ¼ cucumber

- to taste! (beware of these peppers: they are very spicy) Madamme Jeanette

- 1 lemon: the juice and some lemon peel

- 4 leaves of basil

- 4 leaves of mint

- 1 teaspoon os sea salt

- to taste honey

- to taste rum

(this Vocktail is also delicious without alcohol)                          


Wash everything well and cut into pieces that fit into the Versapers. Turn it on and pour into a tall glass with crushed ice.



René Pluijm