The Versapers is a slowjuicer. That means a “slow press”. It refers to the slow speed of rotation of the mechanism. The Versapers has a speed of approximately 70 revolutions per minute.  As a result, the juice is slowly squeezed out of the fruits or vegetables. This is a cold pressing and is a similar way of pressing, as your olive oil gets cold pressed. This technique of pressing ensures minimal friction, causing almost no heat. This ensures the majority of enzymes and vitamins remain intact. The juice which you make with the Versapers is of a high quality with plenty of fiber you can conserve for 48 hours in the refrigerator. That is why for your own health, taste and wallet a slow juicer is the best choice.

Slow? Not really!

The Versapers is not realy slow; on average you make 2 large glasses of juice within 5 minutes. Sometimes more, sometimes less, depending on the type of fruits or vegetables you use. Because of the larger opening and the self-carrying screw the Versapers is 2 times faster and much easier to use than other slowjuicers on the market. The technique of the Versapers is the most tested and developed. Therefore we call the Versapers unhesitatingly the best all round slowjuicer on the market.