Hangop Vocktail van Niven KunzAbout Dutch food culture there are as many opinions as about the weather and football. For a long time mostly potatoes, vegetables and meat would be on the daily menu. This tradition got competition from fast food and convenience food. But at the beginning of the century something peculiar happened in the Dutch kitchen. A trend with vegetables as a central part of the main meal developed. Under the influence of Restaurant De Kas and star chef Jonnie Boer there came more and more attention for fruits and vegetables as an important part of a dish. Full-time and part-time vegetarians finally got the innovation they waited for so long. But also for meatlovers tasty new vegetable preparations became available.    

Raised on the outskirts of the vegetable garden of the Netherlands, the Westland, young chef Niven Kunz opened in 2009 his restaurant. "Vegetables are my greatest source of inspiration”, says Niven.  He is not a traditional three to four course menu chef and prefers to call his menu a tasting. The cook composes with much care 8-10 small varied dishes together. The technique of slow juicing is for him a new way to prepare vegetables in a different way, and add them to dishes. He creates for example dressings out of cucumber, he uses fruit juice for desserts or he makes smoothies from vegetables. The advantage of this way of vegetable preparation is according to Niven a totally new perception of well known and trusted flavors. With vegetables and fruits in the slowjuicer Niven causes an explosion of flavors. And so he remains a leader in the Dutch restaurant kitchen.