Eating a salad or a few pieces of fruit will help us greatly in our need for live enzymes, vitamins and minerals. Often we have little time and fresh food is not the easiest available solution or we do not eat enough of it. The Versapers can help because it is a simple tool you can use to make high quality juice.

Juice is easy to drink, easy to carry and is the best form of essential nutrition we need. Vitamins, minerals and some fibers are water soluble. The non soluble fibers don't contain vitamins and minerals though they do stimulate a good bowel function. It is much easier to drink 1 liter of juice per day than it is to eat 1.3 kg of fresh fruit and vegetables.

If you start to drink regularly fresh living juice (Slow juice) you will notice after about 10 days you will notice that you feel more fit, sleep better and have less headaches. Your bowel movements are improved to 2x daily or even after each meal. After 20 days you find that you loose part of your excess weight, then it is very easy to regularly drink fresh juice and continue this lifestyle. After 30 days you will notice that you create muscles more easily if you work out. You will also notice that your belly fat gradually disappears and you get a better figure. Somewhere within these 30 days you can also get side effects such as headaches or feeling tired. These are the symptoms which occur when your body seizes the opportunity to dispose of a large quantity of body waste. Continue steadily and for sure within a few days you will feel fitter than ever and you are happy with your new purchase and lifestyle. Congratulations!