I have always enjoyed making juice out of fresh fruits. Nevertheless, I never purchased a centrifugal juicer. Perhaps it was the subconscious knowledge that it damages more than producing a healthy juice. When I bought my first slow juicer in Thailand in 2008, I was thrilled. This is it! After a lot of experiences, 20 books on and a long search, I discovered that many more people joined me in my opinion. For most of these people, the slow juicer was still a new gadget. However, I got so many positive responses, it made me realize that I had an opportunity to make something more out of it. This was the beginning of the Versapers. 

Without my friends and proffesional help I would not have made it. But thanks to them I was able to learn a lot from their ideas and suggestions. This helped me a lot with the start of Versapers. Hereby I want to thank them for their help and positive feedback to my crazy ideas.

Finally I wish to thank you for reading this information and for your interest in a better health. We are confident you will find a healthier balance than ever before with the Versapers .

Have a nice day!

Joost Duisterwinkel

Director/ owner Versapers