What is the best way to clean the machine?

Clean the Versapers directly after use. It is easier for you and this way the acids of fruits have less influence on the plastic parts. Use the brush to keep the strainer clean. Because most vegetables and fruits are not fat, you can use just water for daily cleaning. Use only occasionally detergent and a soft sponge so the plastic parts last longer. Watch the following video to see how you clean the Versapers

For more thoroughly cleaning to remove any deposits, the best way it to soak the whole top set overnight in warm water with soda crystals. After soaking overnight all deposits can be removed easily with a brush. The components of the Versapers can NOT be cleaned in a dishwasher. 


Is there an easy way to clean the pulp outlet?

The brush has a tapered tip at the rear end. First take out the silicone tab on the bottom of the bowl and then use the back of the brush to remove the fibers from the outlet. Optionally a Chinese chopstick also works very well. When you cut long fibers shorter, it also becomes easier because less long fibers remain. 


What is the best way to clean the silicone brushes of the round scraper?

It is important to keep the silicone brushes clean. You can periodically take out these brushes, clean them and then slide them back. They are not installed permanently. 


There are black spots on the silicone parts, how do I get rid of these?

The black spots are caused by residual scraps in a damp place. Make sure your parts are dried properly after every cleaning. Soak the silicone parts overnight in hot water with soda crystals. Then you can brush or rub off the black spots. If this still fails, the silicone material is affected too much. You can then purchase an accessories set ( and replace the parts.


There is a brown colored deposit in the bowl, how do I get rid of that?

A brown-colored deposit can occur when the Versapers is used intensively or by superficial cleaning. To remove any deposit, best to soak the top set overnight in warm water with soda crystals. After soaking overnight, you can easily remove all deposit with a brush. The components of the Versapers can NOT be put in a dishwasher. 

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