Differences in slowjuicers


Which type of Versapers slowjuicer should I choose?

Versapers offers 3 models of slowjuicers in 7 different colour schemes. The 2G series, 3G series and the 4G series. The main differences are in the design and the used materials. All models are of top quality, the finishing and user friendliness are more luxourious with the 3G and 4G. The 2G and 3G are a little sharper in the design and are the most compact slowjuicers on the market.
Furthermore our newest model, the Versapers 4G, is 100% BPA free and is fully redeveloped with even better results.
If you like solid and simple, choose the 2G. If you have a little more budget and you want something hip, then allow yourself a 3G in Sea Green or Aubergine. If you want the best and the newest on the market, the 4G series is perfect for you. 


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Is the Versapers similar to a Hurom, Oscar or Omega?

The Versapers, Hurom and others are made in the same factory. The interior is the same but there are slight differences in the housing, packaging etc. Versapers is the importer and distributor for the Dutch and European market and operates under its own brand name along with the Hurom factory. You can rest assured that with your Versapers you have a quality product with over 40 years of experience and development. The Versapers products are manufactured with the utmost care and knowledge.


What is the difference between the Versapers, a blender and a centrifugal juicer?

The machines are very different from each other and really hard to compare. The Versapers is a slowjuicer, which at low speed (but with fast juice results) gently crushes and squeezes fruits and vegetables. This gives a high quality juice, in which minerals and enzymes remain intact. Live juice we call it.

A centrifugal juicer gets juice out of fruits with extremely high speed. This does not improve the quality, a lot of oxygen mixes with the juice, causing immediately oxidation of the juice. This is bad for the sustainability and quality.

In a blender, there is no separation between pulp and juice and there is also very high speed. The Versapers also can make smoothies. You can remix juice and pulp and the nice thing is that you can choose which kind of pulp you add to your smoothie!


Is it better to buy a horizontal or vertical slowjuicer?

Both machines have their strong points, so they can have one's preference in purchasing. The Versapers is a vertical slowjuicer which automatically captures and squeezes the products you enter (self feeding). In case of a horizontal slowjuicer you have to push the products more often with the pusher. The vertical slowjuicer is suitable for various fruits and vegetables, including wheatgrass. However, if you want to press wheat grass every day, we recommend you choose a horizontal slowjuicer. Because of the longer press screw they can get the best return from wheatgrass and the strainer is less subject to wear.

How does it work?

Curious how the Versapers slowjuicer works? Slow and yet fast.


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