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New!! Vacublend Titanium

Quick Overview

The Vacublend – the perfect balance between a slowjuicer and a traditional blender. When you want to keep all fibers in your juice, but you don't want an oxidized juice, Vacublend is the machine that can provide this balance. 

Oxidation is an exponential process, therefore the remaining 20% of oxygen virtually has no influence on your juice. The result is an aromatic, colorful and bubble free smoothie that is better preservable and more drinkable.  

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Revolutionary vacuum technology
80% less oxidation
95% less bubbles
Optimal colour preservation and maximum taste

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See and taste the differences

At first sight you might think, what does a little air matter. But if you look at the result after 1 minute of blending, you can clearly see big differences. These differences only get bigger when you leave the juice for 10 minutes. With a normal blender, separation occurs very fast, the foam on top turns brown and as thick as pudding, while the taste flattens and the zest is missing. The Vacublend juice stays of beautiful colour, consistency and full of flavour.


Juice revolution 2.0   

Vacuum blending, it sounds like a space theory, but it is much less complicated. With one push of the button on the Vacublend you take 80% of the air out of the blender container. You only blend for 2 minutes and……your super smoothie is ready. Sounds easy? Let’s take a step back. When you use a high velocity machine, such as a traditional blender or centrifugal juicer, heat will be generated because of the fast rotations. In this way, you are destroying the enzymes in vegetables and fruits, which in the end results in much less vitamins and minerals in your juice. The hi-tech Vacublend has a solution for this. This wannahave sucks everything inside the blender container vacuum. There is 80% less air in the container, which allows the blender to rotate faster. This enables your vegetable or fruit smoothie to oxidise less, get less warm and it also looks fresher and tastes better. The Vacublend is the unique sister next to the slowjuicer you already own, a super combination because often you need to add water or juice to make a smoothie.



The Vacublend not only creates perfectly healthy juices and smoothies, but offers much more. With 3.4 kg it is a real lightweight and with its streamlined design and trendy appearance in silver, titanium and red, it radiates on your kitchen counter!


What can you make with the Vacublend?

  • First class bubble free smoothies
  • Full soups and spicy dressings
  • Yoghurt drinks and desserts
  • Preparation of sorbets
  • Nut milk



Do you want to see the Vacublend in action? Watch the videos and see how you can make high quality smoothies yourself. 

Additional Information

EAN 8718868333223
Product name Vacublend Titanium
Model Action
Color Titanium
BPA free Yes
Voltage 230 V
Herz 50 Hz
Power consumption 960 W
Weight 3,4 kg
Width 20,0 cm
Length 22,0 cm
Height 44,8 cm

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