Versapers slowjuicer Parel 2G

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  • Versapers slowjuicer Parel 2G
  • Versapers slowjuicer Parel 2G voor verse groente- en fruitsappen
  • Versapers slowjuicer Parel 2G
  • Versapers slowjuicer Parel 2G - topset
  • Gratis receptenboekje met 64 inspirerende recepten

Versapers Slowjuicer Pearl 2G

Quick Overview

This is a strong slowjuicer for making fresh juices of fruits and vegetables. This Versapers juicer is practible to use and easy to clean. If you order now, you will receive a free inspiring recipe book with it.

Free shipping in the Netherlands and Belgium
Delivery time 1 to 2 working days
Soft white pearly shine
Compact without handle
10 year warranty on the motor
2 year warranty on parts

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The Versapers Pearl 2G has a soft pearly shine. Combined with its compact size (without handle) this slowjuicer fits on any kitchen counter. 


The Pearl 2G slowjuicer is a safe and silent juicer, made out of durable materials

The quality and durability of this juicer is similar to the other slowjuicer models of Versapers. The second generation of juicers, 2G, offers the following:


  • The passage of pieces of fruits and vegetables while the machine is processing makes tamping unnecessary;
  • A high yield of fresh juice by the slow pressing of 70 rpm; 
  • Use of strong materials and extended warranty (10 years on the motor);
  • Safe juicer through automatic safety stop at overpressure and an inaccesible juice outlet (especially for children).



Would you like to see the Versapers slowjuicer in real action? Watch the videos and see how you can make high quality freshly squeezed juice from fruits and vegetables.  

Free recipe book

Versapers wants to inspire its customers and has developed its own recipe book with 64 tasty recipes. These recipes for vegetable and fruitjuices you will receive free with your order, so you can start right away! 


Overview of all Versapers slowjuicers

We established all the differences and similarities between our Versapers slowjuicers for you. With this overview you can easily make comparisons and  choose the Versapers which suits you best. You will also find an overview of all the parts supplied with every slowjuicer.


What exactly does slowjuicing mean?

Slowjuicing you do with the new generation juicer. Because the juice is squeezed slowly, vitamins and minerals remain intact. The amount of oxygen mixing with the juice during the pressing is very small so  the juice can be well kept in the fridge for up to 48 hours. Check out our videos to get a good idea of how it works.

Additional Information

EAN 8717953065230
Product name Versapers Emotion 2G Pearl
Model 2G
Color Pearl
With handle No
Juice cap No
BPA free No
RPM +/- 70 RPM
Motor Single phase induction motor
Voltage 230 V
Herz 50 Hz
Power consumption 150 W
Weight 5,2 kg
Width 15,5 cm
Length 21,3 cm
Height 40,0 cm

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