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We like to help you on your way how to use your Versapers slowjuicer. When you just got it new, sometimes you just have to "learn to drive" in your slowjuicer. For example, it requires a really different approach from a centrifugal juicer and also the correct method of cutting vegetables and fruits, so the Versapers will work effectively.

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The manual
This is included in the box and can also be downloaded below.
in het gebruik van je Versapers slowjuicer. Heb je deze net nieuw dan kan het soms even wennen zijn om in een slowjuicer 'te leren rijden'. Het vraagt bijvoorbeeld een werkelijk andere omgang dan met een sapcentrifuge en met de juiste snijmethode van groente en fruit werkt de Versapers ook veel effectiever. 

We have a number of resources available for you:


The manual

This is included in the box and can also be downloaded below. 
Gebruiksaanwijzing Versapers 2G
Gebruiksaanwijzing Versapers 3G
Gebruiksaanwijzing Versapers 4G


Frequently asked questions in a row

Based on our five years of experience with the Versapers slowjuicer, we have collected the most frequently asked questions and categorized them by topic: before, during and after using the slowjuicer, and all questions about the characteristics of fruit and vegetables suitable for the slowjuicer. If your question is not there or you prefer personal advice, please feel free to contact us by telephone or e-mail.   


Personal contact

We are happy to give you personal advice by telephone or e-mail if you have questions or encounter problems. Please feel free to contact us. You can also contact one of our affiliated dealers. They are also happy to help you. Or visit us at a demo day. You will see the Versapers in action and you can ask all your questions. 



Is there something wrong with your Versapers or a malfunction, then look at the warranty options. All Versapers models that you purchase through this website or at one of our dealers have a standard 2-year warranty on parts and a 10-year warranty on the motor (at normal use). Your purchase invoice is your proof. Please feel free to contact us. 




How does it work?

Curious how the Versapers slowjuicer works? Slow and yet fast.


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How do you get high quality juice from fruits and vegetables?


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The best recipes to make fresh juice yourself. 

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