New!! Versapers Slowjuicer Pastel Blue 5G

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New!! Versapers Slowjuicer Pastel Blue 5G

Quick Overview

The Versapers 5G is the ultimate Slowjuicer. The latest from the Versapers collection and with many new improvements compared to the 4G + model. Specially for the demanding customer, the Versapers 5G is an excellent choice. The strongly improved bowl with 'indirect drive' and improved juice cap ensures that no more juice can leak on your countertop. Together with the extra accessories included in the entire package, it makes the Versapers 5G the best juicer we have made as the most complete package ever.

Below is the complete list of specific adjustments and improvements.

- Indirect-drive bowl 100% leak-proof, including pulp lever!

- Square juice outlet with a firm juice cap.

- Double-sided hopper with 2 input options.

- Stronger screw with 2 cutting edges and deeper heart.

- Stronger, removable and washable cogwheel wheel ensures an accurate drive of the spinning brush.

- New on / off easy toggle switch

- Including Citrus squeezer, for easy pressing of citrus fruit and pomegranates

- Including ice strainer for making sorbet ice cream from soft frozen fruits.

- Includes drying rack for storing the top set

- Including juice jug / pulp jug and recipe book

The Versapers 5G has a powerful, whisper-quiet motor and is made of durable and strong materials (100% BPA free *). With the new Versapers 5G you can make fresh juice of all types of fruit and vegetables in a jiffy with better control with the help of a pulp handle.

Free shipping in the Netherlands and Belgium
Delivery time 1 to 2 working days
Equipped with a pulp lever which allows you to control the amount of fibers in your juice
Renewed squeezing screw with two cutting blades, for pulp free juice and dryer pulp
Only 43 rotations per minute, for optimal juice quality
Indirect-drive bowl 100% leak-proof, including pulp lever with 500 ml (100% BPA free)

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The Versapers Silver 5G was introduced on November 17, 2018.

How much better is the 5G (compared to the 4G +)

At the Versapers 5G the ease of use has an improved hopper with two input options. Right from above, or from the side. Due to the indirect drive of the renewed bowl, the seal of the bowl is 100% leak-free. It will therefore no longer happen to during prolonged use that some juice is leaking under the bowl. The quality of the juice is excellent, without small fibers and therefore velvety soft.

For you as a user, the biggest bonus is that the package also includes 3 extra sought-after accessories. An ice sieve, a citrus squeezer and a storage rack. The Course Ultem strainer has been discontinued but can still be ordered as an option for € 39, - for those who want more pulp in the juice.

The ice strainer gives you the opportunity to make puree, compote or sorbet icecream from soft ingredients. It is suitable for making sorbet ice cream from soft frozen fruit such as strawberry, banana, etc., but not to ground nuts or grains.

The citrus squeezer was already an accessory for the Versapers 4G and 4G + but is now standard in the package at the 5G. A delicious accessory that quickly turns your Versapers into an extremely powerful citrus press. Suitable for all citrus fruits and also for pressing pomegranates.

The storage rack is also a drying rack where you can store the parts of the top set. They are neatly stored away and they can dry on the rack so you can prevent mold from forming.

In short, the Versapers 5G: more convenience, more control, more press fun!


The other benefits of the 5th generation in comparison with the earlier 2G and 3G models:  


  • Conveniently poor a glass of juice using the new juice cap;
  • Extra-large juice reservoir of 500 ml;
  • A fluent design with less angles and edges;
  • Wide exits for pulp and juice, therefore even more easy to clean;
  • Newly designed hopper with easy to use click lock;
  • All parts of the juicer that touch the juice are made of 100% BPA free material*;
  • A renewed squeezing screw with 2 cutting blades;
  • All this results in a dryer pulp and a fiber free juice of the highest quality;
  • Packaged in an awesome gift box.




Would you like to see the Versapers slowjuicer in real action? Watch the videos and see how you can make high quality freshly squeezed juice from fruits and vegetables.  

Free recipe book

Versapers wants to inspire its customers and has developed its own recipe book with 64 tasty recipes. These recipes for vegetable and fruit juices you will receive free with your order, so you can start right away! 

Overview of all Versapers slowjuicers

We established all the differences and similarities between our Versapers slowjuicers for you. With this overview you can easily make comparisons and choose the Versapers which suits you best. You will also find an overview of all the parts supplied with every slowjuicer.


What exactly does slowjuicing mean? 

Slowjuicing you do with the new generation juicer. Because the juice is squeezed slowly, vitamins and minerals remain intact. The amount of oxygen mixing with the juice during the pressing is very small so  the juice can be well kept in the fridge for up to 48 hours. Check out our videos to get a good idea of how it works.

Additional Information

EAN 8718868333261
Product name Versapers Emotion 4G+ Red
Model 5G
Color Snow White
With handle No
Juice cap Yes
BPA free Yes
RPM +/- 43 RPM
Motor Single phase induction motor
Voltage 230 V
Herz 50 Hz
Power consumption 150 W
Weight 6,2 kg
Width 17,8 cm
Length 25,1 cm
Height 41,1 cm

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