The Versapers machine itself

Is is safe to clean the Versapers parts in the dishwasher?

No, the parts of the Versapers are not suitable for the dishwasher. At a temperature of 80 degrees or above the parts will deform. Furthermore, the detergent can damage the plastic.

Best is to rinse the parts directly under the tap. When you wait too long, the pulp residue can dry out which makes cleaning more difficult. After rinsing, this takes about 3 minutes, you can airdry the parts on the kitchen counter or immediately dry them with a towel. It is also wise to let the silicone parts dry well. A periodic major cleaning is best done by soaking the parts of the top set into a solution of soda crystals. 


What is the difference between the coarse and the fine strainer? 

The fine strainer has fine meshes which hold bakc the fibers in the juice as much as possible, producing a smooth juice. Incidentally, also small parts of fiber get through the fine strainer when juicing fruits and vegetables rich in fiber. The fine strainer is mad of hard Ultem material, which makes it suitable for both soft and hard and fibrous fruits and vegetables.


The coarse strainer allows more fiber to get through, making the juice thicker. The coarse strainer which comes for free with the slowjuicer is made of less hard plastic. That is why this strainer is only suitable for soft fruits. With hard products it can break easily.


For people who want more, there are additional accessories such as a pulp sieve for velvety soft juice without fibers. Also, there is an Ultem coarse strainer which is suitable for all types of products. Look at this page for more information about the various strainers.


When do I need an upgrade/replacement set Ultem strainer & bowl?

Suppose, you need a new strainer when you want to replace the bowl. Please note how old and which type your Versapers slowjuicer is. If you have a White or Chrome version, bought before August 2010, then you have a 1G and you need the upgrade/replacement kit. The new strainer won't fit into your former bowl. If your slowjuicer is more recent, then you can exchange the strainer independently from the bowl. This is also the case when you have a Pearl or Titanium version. You can also order a fine strainer separately, no matter how old your slowjuicer is.


Read more about 'which generation slowjuicer do I have?'.


How can I tell the difference between a 1G, 2G or 3G Versapers slowjuicer?

The 1G (First Generation) slowjuicers of Versapers can be recognized by the totally free juice outlet. With the 2G version a ‘small screen’ in the juice outlet prevents objects or fingers to be put in. In addition, the fine strainer of the 1G is white, while the color of the fine strainer of the 2G is orange or yellow.


The 3G has a juice cap at the juice outlet. And the gear at the bottom of the bowl is opposite the two outlets of the pulp and the juice (and not directly in front of them).


On the page 'which generation slowjuicer do I have' the differences are explained further. 

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