The strainer broke down, is this covered by the warranty?

The coarse strainer comes free with the Versapers and is intended for soft fruits. When this is broken, often hard fruits or vegetables have been pressed with it. The fine strainer is made of super strong Ultem plastic and can hardly break. When this is the case, usually hard stones or seeds have been used or there is a serious degree of "overfeeding" You may submit a request for replacement under warranty. Send an email to info@versapers.nl including a picture of the broken strainer and your explanation of what happened. We will be happy to contact you. This procedure also applies when you bought the Versapers in a shop at one of our dealers.


The is some damage on the squeezing screw, does this come under warranty?

The squeezing screw is poured into a form, leaving a molding mark at the seam. So this is no damage and does not do your Versapers any harm. You can just go on with juicing. If you still have doubts, please send a picture with explanation to info@versapers.nl. We will contact you as soon as possible. 


What is the warranty term?

Versapers stands for the quality of its products. Therefore, we offer a 10 year warranty on the motor and 2 years warranty on the top set. When an item is faulty, please contact us. You can send an email to info@versapers.nl with a photo of the defect and an explanation of what happened. We will contact you as soon as possible to explore the possibilities for warranty. When a component is replaced, there is always € 7,50 shipping charges, because this is never covered in the warranty. 


What do I need as a warranty certificate?

Your receipt is your warranty certificate. This may be the invoice (pdf) of Versapers or the receipt of the relevant Versapers dealer, where you bought your slowjuicer. In case of a warranty claim, we may ask for your receipt or invoice. 

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