Which generation slowjuicer do I have?

Versapers keeps renewing her line of slowjuicers. Do you want to know whether your Versapers slowjuicer is of the first, second or third generation? This can be easily determined with the clues below. This is also important when ordering accessories or replacing components. 



4G - the fourth generation of slowjuicers

Versapers Silver 4G

  • Larger bowl of 500 ml and juice cap on the right outlet;
  • New design squeezing screw featuring two cutting blades and 43 rotations per minute;
  • Available in colors Silver and Snow White.









3G - the third generation of slowjuicers

Versapers slowjuicer 3G

  • Juice cap on the right outlet of the juicer;
  • Inside the bowl the cogwheel is opposite the two outlets for the pulp and the juice (and not directly in front of them);
  • Available in colors Titanium, Sea Green and Aubergine.







2G - the second generation of slowjuicers

Versapers Slowjuicer 2G

  • In the juice outlet there is a partition to prevent items from being put in;
  • There is a silicone splash water cover on the on/off switch;
  • Available in colors Titanium and Pearl;
  • The colors White and Chrome are no longer available.







1G - the first generation of slowjuicers

Versapers slowjuicer Wit 1G

  • No longer available. In those days delivered in colors Chrome and White; 
  • The color of the fine strainer is white;
  • There is no partition in the juice outlet.








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