Who are we?

Who Are we?

In a constantly changing world, we occasionally forget where we came from. Long ago we crawled out from our cave and ceased the fruits of the trees. Much has changed in a 1000 years. However in the 10.000 years before, we lived and survived without all our modern inventions. We have now reached a point where we realize that not all our inventions have done us good. So there is an awareness that guides us back to our roots.

I have always enjoyed making juice out of fresh fruits. Nevertheless, I never purchased a centrifugal juicer. Perhaps it was the subconscious knowledge that it damages more than producing a healthy juice. When I bought my first slow juicer in Thailand in 2008, I was thrilled. This is it! After a lot of experiences, 20 books on and a long search, I discovered that many more people joined me in my opinion. For most of these people, the slow juicer was still a new gadget. However, I got so many positive responses, it made me realize that I had an opportunity to make something more out of it. This was the beginning of the Versapers. 

Versapers is a Dutch wordplay of the words Fresh (vers), Juice (sap) and Press (pers). While combined it means Fresh Juice Press. The 2nd ‘s’ and the 2nd ‘p’ are omitted to make the new word: VerSaPers.

The mission of Versapers is to give you a better health. We do that by educating and giving you tools that make it easy for you to consume a large quantity of fresh raw materials from nature. We believe a more vibrant health is achieved by awarding yourself with living juice of fresh fruits and vegetables and regular exercise. Health insurance is for accidents only. You create your personal balance by adding more water rich foods that help to give you the nutrition you need. At the same time these living juices also help to purge all the waste material that has been collected in your body. We have seen it, felt it and experienced it for ourselves and our close friends and family. Today we want to share this with you.

Finally I wish to thank you, for reading this information and for your interest in a better health. We are confident you will find a healthier balance than ever before with a slow juicer like the Versapers Emotion.

Have a nice day!

Joost Duisterwinkel

Director/owner Versapers

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