Versapers slowjuicer Sea Green 3G


There is a warranty on the parts and the motor of the Versapers slowjuicer. We find it important to offer our customers a good quality slowjuicer, long-lasting and made out of solid materials.  


Our warranty options are:

  • Standard 2-year warranty on parts 
  • Standard 10-year warranty on the motor
  • Your purchase invoice is your proof
  • The warranty applies when purchased through our webshop or through one of our dealers
  • The warranty shall apply upon proper use in accordance with the supplied instructions
  • The warranty applies to original materials and components of the Versapers slowjuicer
  • Any additional shipping costs are not included


What should you do?

Is there something wrong with your Versapers slowjuicer, please contact our Customer Service by e-mail at or by telephone on +31 (0)50 720 04 56. 


We then discuss what happened. It helps us if besides your description of the incident you can also send a few pictures of the problem / damage. Often a problem will be resolved quickly with a few tips or we will decide to replace a part or to repair. Before we incur costs, we first make it clear if it is under warranty or not. 


Because of the robust construction and high-quality materials in the Versapers slowjuicers, less than 0.2% of our customers come back to us with a complaint. That is two in a thousand! (figures from 2013). So you can be assured that you are making a good choice.


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